If I owe money, why bother fighting the charges?

banks-cooperationThis is a very important question, and the one that leads many people down the wrong path when dealing with a lawsuit filed against them by a creditor. Many individuals, upon learning they’ve been sued, are tempted to give up and do nothing about it. This is entirely the wrong attitude to have in this situation for a variety of reasons. If your debt situation is such that a creditor is suing you, you need to take control and make sure that things don’t get worse than the already are.

The main reason to act quickly is that the court can make a judgment on the case if you wait too long, even if you don’t say or do anything. This is an ideal situation for a collection agency. They gain the right to some  of your wages and assets, and they don’t have to pay any additional court fees. In fact, you may also have to pay the amount that it costs to bring the lawsuit to court, adding additional debt to those which you already owe.

Even though you do have an obligation to repay the debts you owe, fighting a creditor lawsuit can be beneficial to you in a number of ways. It all starts with consulting a bankruptcy attorney to understand what your creditor(s) can and cannot do, as well as what your options are moving forward. Most bankruptcy attorneys, such as Ted A Greene here at The Law Offices of Ted A. Greene, Inc., will offer you a free consultation and review your court papers to see if there are any discrepancies or abuses on the part of the collection agency. Meeting with a bankruptcy attorney will help you better understand your debt situation and what you need to do to ensure long-term financial health. So don’t delay – take action today if you’re being sued by a creditor!