Wage Garnishment! How do I stop it?

The worst of the worst imagine this: As if your situation wasn’t bad enough and things financially tense enough, to make matters worse now you have people taking money out of your hard-earned – hard worked for paycheck. This is called a wage garnishment, and it happens to thousands of Americans day after day.

If you get deep enough in debt due to unforeseen reasons, your creditors may get court orders to garnish your wages. By law they can take your money right out of your paycheck.


However, bankruptcy is a law driven initiative designed to stop creditor collection efforts, including wage garnishment. If your paycheck is getting taken away from you and you are keeping less and less in your wallet, you need to talk to an attorney about your legal options. The worst thing you can do is ignore the issue and turn the other way. Wage garnishments do not disappear, wage garnishments are only dismissed until the debt is paid or discharged in bankruptcy.Stop the bleeding and contact us today! Our team of paralegals and attorneys will help you put a stop to your wage garnishment.


Kecia K. Lawson
The Law Offices of Ted A. Greene, Inc.