Free Short Sale Service

Short SaleIf your property is upside-down, it is no longer an investment, but a money pit that will most likely not come back in value for years! If you owe just about what your property is worth or more, there is a way out with minimal affect to your personal credit at NO COST, FEE, OR CHARGE to you.

Our specialty is to properly market your property and get your lender to approve the sale at less than what is owed.
This is called a “short-sale.”

We will facilitate a successful transaction, from beginning to end, in an effort to prevent foreclosure and the negative effects of it including:

  • A Foreclosure stays on your credit report for 7-10years! (Inability to purchase a new property for at least 5-7 years)
  • A possible Judgment from the bank(s) for the attorneys fees, penalties & deficit balance
  • A possible IRS Income Tax responsibility:
  • The bank(s) will report the deficit amount to the IRS*

Unlike an Eviction Notice or Foreclosure served by a Sheriff, with a SHORT SALE neighbors, friends, and family will never know unless you tell them! We heavily market , with groups of investors as well as the public at large, so obtaining an offer is the easy part. listing, marketing and lender approval. We have extensive experience dealing with and negotiating short sales. Working with us guarantees professionalism in regards to the

Our goal to negotiate a short sale deal that is a win-win-win: You sell your home without any foreclosure or bankruptcy on your credit, the bank gets the loan off their books, and a new family or investor gets a nice home for a discount. This is a simple business decision! In some cases you will be able to receive up to $1,500 in relocation assistance and be able to rent twice the home for half the payment. (We will also help you find that new home as well.) Short Selling instead of Foreclosing allows us to help you get back to being a homeowner in as little as 0-36 months!

Choosing us ensures that your short sale situation will be handled professionally. Again, we never ask for a fee for ANY of our Services. NEVER! Our services are designed to be quick, effective, and confidential. Your privacy is important, and your information will never be shared with anyone outside of the transaction.

To discuss your specific situation with a short sale expert or to schedule a face to face appointment, please call us, toll free at (888) 442-2545 and a Short Sale Agent can guide you through each step of the process and help you review your options and select one that s right for you.

Time is precious, so please call soon!

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