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The Law Offices of Ted A. Greene, Inc.’s overall mission is to satisfy the legal needs of our clients. We are dedicated to being the best at what we do. We strive to provide superior and efficient representation by staying current with laws that impact our clients and investing in new technologies that allow us to better serve them. Above all, we take pride in helping Californians and strive to ensure that their legal needs are met.

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Duped Homeowners At Risk Of Losing Home Due To Adjusting Payments.

In the years leading up to the recent mortgage crisis, the behavior and activities of mortgage lenders changed dramatically. Lenders offered more and more loans to higher-risk borrowers, including undocumented immigrants. Sub-prime mortgages amounted to thirty-five billion dollars ($35,000,000,000) (5% of total originations) in 1994 and increased dramatically to six-hundred billion dollars ($600,000,000,000) (20%) in […]

Rebuilding your Credit After Bankruptcy

Get a secured credit card. A secured card functions like a debit card in that you pay the bank the money beforehand, but your payments should be reported to all three major credit bureaus and go toward building your credit score. Only buy what you can afford, and pay the balance as often as necessary. […]

What Is Bankruptcy: Five Things You Might Not Know

What Is Bankruptcy Really? Five Things You Didn’t Know About This Option We’ve all heard of bankruptcy, whether we’ve seen it in a movie or read about in the newspapers. Bankruptcy is a means to resolve the issue of a debtor being unable to repay his or her debts. You may not know anyone who’s been […]

Chapter 7 vs. Chapter 13

Which Chapter Does Your Bankruptcy Belong In? In 2005, a major change was made to how Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is processed in the United States. The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 instituted a means test to determine whether an individual should file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 as well as […]

Foreclosure Defense | You Have Rights

To address growing concerns about big banks taking advantage of homeowners in the foreclosure process, Attorney General Kamala D. Harris successfully proposed legislation referred to as the Homeowners’ Bill of Rights.

The objective was to level the playing field between homeowners and the relentless banks and their agents. The intent was to ensure that banks at least try to work out a plan with borrowers before foreclosing on their homes.

If you are facing foreclosure, you have rights - read more