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Foreclosure Defense, Bankruptcy, Predatory Lending & Short Sale Attorney in California.

Bankruptcy Law

Could bankruptcy be the light at the end of the tunnel? Get the all facts, consider the many possible alternatives, and determine the best course of action for your financial future.

Predatory Lending

A majority of homeowners are behind for a reason. They have either experienced hardship (i.e. loss of income, etc.) or they were sold a..[link].

Real Estate Law

Experiencing underwater home values, or the risk of losing your home? We have solutions for you to keep your property at a payment you can afford or walk away debt free.

Debt Solutions

Being affected by uncontrollable debt payments, harassing collectors, and damaged credit? For any debt problem there is a debt solution. We will help you find the best options available.

Foreclosure Defense | You Have Rights

Foreclosure defenseTo address growing concerns about big banks taking advantage of homeowners in the foreclosure process, Attorney General Kamala D. Harris successfully proposed legislation referred to as the Homeowners’ Bill of Rights.

The objective was to level the playing field between homeowners and the relentless banks and their agents. The intent was to ensure that banks at least try to work out a plan with borrowers before foreclosing on their homes.

If you are facing foreclosure, you have rights – read more


Mortgage Trouble?

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“I can help you get out from an underwater home – even if you think you don’t qualify. Call me today and I will personally analyze your situation and explain all your options and the legal consequences of those options. The best part is – if I handle your short sale you pay me NOTHING. You should have a lawyer on your team. This is too important of a decision in your life to only let a realtor handle. The banks have lawyers on their side and now you can too”.

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We handle a variety of cases throughout California. If you need legal help, we know you need answers now. We understand the urgency of your legal matter, and during your FREE consultation we will discuss your legal rights and options. Contact us right away since time is of the essence.

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